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    GetIITians employs the Systematic Analysis Framework (SAF), a problem solving method that students can apply to a wide range of subjects and problems. SAF provides the students with the necessary tools to solve the problem at hand, but also empowers them with a systematic approach to solving future issues. This unique approach does not just address the current question the student has, but provides them a problem solving method for all conceivable difficulties.

    SAF is quite effective at lowering a student's anxiety when faced with new subjects because they then have a method of approach that they can use to assist them. This system differs from most tutors who are primarily concerned with answering the student?s immediate questions and not concerned with providing the students with basic problem solving skills for future applications. Apart from SAF technique, there are some academic and non-academic services as well.

  • Academic Services

    Maintaining Revision Chart

    First revision of newly taught topic should be done within 24hours, second within a week and third within a month. And then fourth, fifth etc revisions has to be done every month. GetIITians maintains revision chart of each and every student by sharing the Google excel sheet of revision file. Student daily updates the file with whatever he/she has studied that day as per the revision plan explained by his/her faculty, keeping a record of all the things studied by a student during a day.

    Revision Chart

    Regular tests

    Each and every test results record will be maintained as follows. This data helps in give a good understanding on the progress of student

    Regular Tests

    Test Analysis

    Students are encouraged to review exam results to see where they still have room for improvement. has shown that many of the teachers in coaching and school use exams more for teaching tools than evaluation tools. Review of exams is therefore helpful in grasping concepts needed on future exams as well as gauging progress in the course.

    After every test rigorous test analysis is done on every question. And it's summarised as :

    Test Analysis


    Q.No. 8) I=MR2/2 for Ring

    Applied wrong formula
    Lost 5 Marks
    Revise all Moment of Inertia?s Formulas


    Solve more questions on conservation of angular momentum.

    Study Material

    Certain handouts have been prepared to help teach students particular principles. These are accumulated and updated occasionally as needed. Students who are enrolled in academic programs have full access to several years worth of materials. The cost to the company to provide these materials is very low because they have been developed from time to time over the years when a need arose. Although some investment of time was required to produce them, it is an overhead cost and can be spread out over several years for as long as the handout remains current or useful.

    Value added service

    Students are encouraged to come prepared with questions and items to discuss. Students are also encouraged to ask the IITian questions throughout the week in between sessions.

    Questions are submitted and answered via email. While this takes up time for Himanshu and other IITians and is not directly billed out, it is a value added service for all students.

    Maintaining student's things to do list

    Students update all the things to do topic wise on the shared excel spreadsheet. We keep a track of student?s things to do list and regularly remind them of updating the sheet via text messaging.

    To do list

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  • Non-Academic Services

    Common Platform

    Apart from these services we also provide a common platform for all the institutes run by IITians, where they can interact and comprehend each other. There will be regular interactions between GetIITians and our partners.  This will be through a newsletter, regular webinars and other joint activities. You will be able to talk to others to find out solutions to problems that you may be facing and to exchange notes on experiences.


    Comprehensive power packed covering A-Z of everything you need to know to crack IITs. Conducted by an experienced team of ex-IITians, the seminar will educate both students and parents alike on information regarding the examination system. We discuss tried and tested GetIITians strategies, tools and tips that will help you boost your IIT rank.

    The GetIITians team will help you draw your own roadmap to success. The seminar also aims at motivating you to help you achieve your dreams. We will guide you on the competition, time management, revision strategies, confidence building, self analysis, tips and tricks etc.

    parents we have special programs on how to help your child achieve his maximum potential. We will talk to the parents about the Dos and the DONTs, patience, health of students, guidance, perseverance etc. The seminar will be 90 mins of presentation followed by 30 mins open floor discussions.

    Check on teacher's performance

    GetIITians regularly keeps a track on teacher performance and rate them on the scale of 10. Parents are requested to enlighten us with any misbehaviour or misconduct by IITian. Parents can also choose IITian on the basis of ratings as well. Generally IITian with higher rating is has higher charges.

    Keeping up to date with the changes proposed by system

    Changes in examination patterns are as frequent as changes in petrol prices. GetIITians is continually in touch with the various boards and is always aware of changes being proposed or made in the system. These changes are immediately incorporated into the methodology so that our IITians are always up-to-date.

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