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Attributes of 1-to-1 tutoring

    Personalized 1-to-1 tutoring
  • Dedicated attention to the student
  • Moving at student's speed
    Flexibility of time
  • Save on commute time
  • Study at your own convenient time
    Study any topic
  • Study any particular topic
  • Take multiple sessions for one topic
    Better than coaching
  • Ask any number of doubts without hesitation
  • Design your own study plan
    Superior to recorded lecture
  • Ask doubts anytime during the session
  • Personal counselling
    Study anywhere
  • Study at place of your choice - Home, Online or Center
  • Hassle free parents of drop , pick-up tension

Why getIITians?

IITian teachers

  • Teacher who have successful cleared these exams
  • Strong emphasis on concepts
  • Personal mentoring for facing competition
  • Well versed with students psychology

Dedicated academic team

  • Updated curriculum for competitive,board exams
  • Designing tests & analysis
  • Rigorous study of exam pattern,last year paper
  • Formulating revision strategy
  • Regular follow up with Parents - Teacher meet

Customized syllabus

  • Register for a single topic also
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Balance between school,self-study and other classes
  • Detailed study planner per student

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